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Kraken- the mother of all botnets strikes ~ A business continuity,disaster recovery,disk storage,disk recovery consultant!So boring?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Kraken- the mother of all botnets strikes

Kraken is apparently the mother of all botnets and has spawned over 300,000 bots

Rumors in computer network security circles & antivirus forums including SearchSecurity.com suggest that Kraken is probably the world's most successful botnet

Kraken,the infamous botnet, has apparently infiltrated Fortune 100 companies across the world

Kraken is a botnet allegedly designed to evade popular antivirus programs such as Norton & McAfee antivirus software. Antivirus programs have failed to detect and control the Kraken botnet and the malicious bots are apparently spreading in huge numbers across the corporate world

How Kraken,the botnet, evades common antivirus programs such as McAfee and Norton

Kraken uses complex obfuscation techniques, by altering its binary regularly so that antivirus programs such as McAfee antivirus are unable to detect Kraken.

How Kraken appears to the unassuming user

Kraken infiltrates computers in the following way : Users see an image file,which doesnt load,causing the exe to load malware into the unsuspecting user's machine. The Kraken .exe then stays on the computer as a bot, ready to infiltrate the entire LAN

Kraken botnet has built-in redundancy features that prevent easy detection and damage control

The Kraken botnet has a redundancy feature wherein once the command servers shut down, the child botnet communicates with a new domain name,preventing damage control by shutting down a few servers

Kraken botnet is far worse than Storm, the original infamous botnet

The Kraken botnet is apparently potentially more dangerous than the Storm botnet and has infiltrated more computer servers than ever thought before. The Kraken botnet may spread slowly but its redundancy and binary rebuilding features make it more difficult to detect and control Kraken's damage

Network administrators need to wake up to the Kraken menace and put pressure on antivirus software makers for an early resolution to the danger posed by Kraken botnets


David S said...

Have you heard anything about how AVG handles this virus? AVG is my primary anti-virus software--in fact I just installed it on my neighbor's computer last night. It had been infiltrated with lots of spyware.

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Norton AntiVirus said...

Norton AntiVirus protects against bots.