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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Virus hoaxes,beware of virus hoaxes

Virus hoaxes probably cause more damage to the antivirus software researchers than the viruses themselves

What are virus hoaxes? Virus hoaxes are messages/emails about viruses that are sent to innocent nice people who think they are doing the antivirus world a favor by forwarding the virus information to the rest of the world

Well, it usually turns out that it is not a virus after all, and the "virus hoax" is actually doing more damage than the real viruses by taking up the time of antivirus software researchers and network administrators and even taking up a lot of bandwidth

Watch out for virus hoaxes- its not your JOB to let the world know about viruses!

The altruistic nature of people who fall for virus hoaxes is appreciated- but people dont realize the damage done by the virus hoaxes. There are obviously more qualified people who are monitoring and dealing with viruses on a real time basis.

As any antivirus software maker's research department or your own friendly network administrator will testify,please do not try and be the nice guy and forward any information you hear about viruses to either the antivirus software websites or your network administrator

In summary, watch out for virus hoaxes and please do not forward any virus related mails


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