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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Wifi vulnerability- Watch Out-Wifi Networks are very vulnerable to security attacks.

WIfi network are very vulnerable to security risks

WiFi Networks are very vulnerable to security attacks- Recent surveys show that almost 80% of Wifi networks are not even WEP encryption enabled.

Wifi network security carelessness

Why are people so careless when it comes to Wifi vulnerability? Its quite incredible that so-called intelligent people can be so dumb when it comes to Wifi security

Casual survey of Wifi network security vulnerabilities

I did a casual survey of people in my data center department and found that the awareness of Wifi vulnerabilities is incredibly low. In fact, 30% of my data center team did not even know what WEP encryption was. If this is the state of awareness for Wifi network vulnerabilities and security risks among so-called IT-savvy data center professionals, God forbid, the level of knowledge about Wifi security risks among non-IT guys must be incredibly bad.

Why bother locking your doors when you are going to expose your home or office Wifi network to the outside world?

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Will Vista destroy the antivirus software industry?

Will Microsoft Vista destroy the antivirus software industry?

A rather interesting antivirus software article suggests that antivirus software such as McAfee and Norton coule be made obsolete after Microsoft Vista's launch

Which antivirus software is worse?

Will you choose bad quality antivirus software such as McAfee or Symantec protection that is expensive or bad quality antivirus software from Microsoft Vista
that is free?

I think its a question of which antivirus software is worse- antivirus software protection provided by software such as McAfee and Norton or Microsoft Vista. Though Microsoft does not have a great history of providing desktop security and good antivirus protection, Microsoft Vista has seen significant investments in information security and can definitely do better than Norton or McAfee antivirus software.

Entire antivirus software product industry is a racket

I have a poor opinion of the antivirus software industry and the quality of antivirus software products- so I would rather get free antivirus software from Microsoft of the same quality as the more expensive antivirus software products from so-called industry giants such as McAfee or Symantec antivirus

Monday, January 08, 2007

Data storage backups - The biggest security hazard and waste of money

Data backups are a security hazard and redundancy causes a huge waste of money

Sounds surprising to see a data storage guy talk bad things about data backups and their security implications,right? But its true,data storage backups are taken once,twice and many times over with no track of how many Gigabytes of data are stored in backups,how much of that data storage backup is redundant etc

Typical corporate data storage backup scenario

  • Redundancy of data storage backups- Its kinda fashionable to take data storage backups, and preferably repeated backups? Nobody takes incremental data storage backups anymore, its just fashionable to take more and more backups

  • Data storage backups are so redundant that data storage backups are nowadays not even catalogued- every data storage backup is categorized by the ubiquitous file name - 'Backups' :-) Nobody has a clue what those data storage backups are about

  • Data storage backups are a huge security risk- data storage backups are not catalogued and very often, openly available and not even under lock and key.

In summary, data storage backups are a huge security risk and a redundant data storage through avoidable data backups are a huge waste of corporate money- imagine if corporates used the extra money to pay more to employees :-)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Google Desktop - Dont download? Security Paranoia

You allow Google Desktop downloads ? Google Desktops are a huge security risk and should not be allowed in any organization. Dont you take your data center security job seriously- you actually recommend Google desktop searches?

Google Desktop evokes this common response among data security experts. But I think it is simply security paranoia to not allow Google Desktop downloads. Google Desktops are not a huge security risk at all- True,Google Desktop does communicate to home base and allows for the controversial 'Search across Computers'

But,Google is a large corporate now, and any potential disclosures on misuse of Google Desktop search data by Google would harm Google's interests far more than any potential gain of using the data from Google Desktop searches.

Anyways, when we allow free Kazaa downloads with the omnipresent spyware and downloads of any unauthorized downloads from the internet with no security checks, why should we get paranoid on Google Desktop? Its just security paranoia and fear of Big Brother Google.