/* A business continuity,disaster recovery,disk storage,disk recovery consultant!So boring?: March 2006*/ A business continuity,disaster recovery,disk storage,disk recovery consultant!So boring?: March 2006

Friday, March 24, 2006

Amazon offers storage? I thought they sell books!

Amazon has offered storage services for developers. This is quite incredible data storage news. On first glance, one is tempted to comment that Amazon probably has bought more storage than they need (a typical case of corporate snafu of the Dilbertian world)

But, hey, Amazon are the true innovators of the online world, and they probably have figured out better ways to manage storage.

Talk about dilution of focus, though..

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Google Gdrive - is it going to free or is Google Gdrive just vaporware?

Google Gdrive :The moment a mistaken gaffe from Google allowed some people to get a glimpse of the potential launch of Google GDrive - I began getting questions from clients and colleagues on the potential of Google GDrive

Some of the questions on Google Gdrive that I heard were :

  • Is google Gdrive gonna be free?
  • Is google Gdrive revitalize the remote data backup market?
  • Thru Google Gdrive,is google now competing with EMC?
  • Thru Google Gdrive, is google going to control all world data - and assume demonical control of the world..

Hey guys.. just hold on and wait till Google makes an official announcement on Google Gdrive.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Symantec launches its rootkit- when anti virus vendors promote spyware!

Symantec has belied the trust of all its antivirus customers in disaster recovery data centers and homes throughout the world- Symantec recently announced that it was using a rootkit as part of its Norton antivirus suite.

Rootkits are nothing but open invitations to hack and one wonders whether Symantec protects our PC from viruses or sides with the hackers and virus writers to make our PCs more vulnerable.

And I have hardly touched upon privacy concerns!

Microsoft turns data center hero!

Microsoft has announced that its new spyware remover software will start zapping the infamous Sony rootkit. This is great news for data center disaster recovery champions, as the Sony rootkit was a huge invitation for potential hackers of data centers.

Read the blog entry from one of Microsoft's security managers.