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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Data centers to turn green,3 steps to green data centers

Data centers should turn environmentally friendly soon

There is a generally global corporate awakening of corporates to ensure that data centers turn environmentally friendly and consume less power

As soon as the green data center movement started, corporate boardrooms and conference rooms have been filled with corporate honchos blowing hot air and consuming endless MWs of energy and generally doing nothing about making their data centers environmentally friendly!

Data storage virtualization holds the key to clean data centers and low power consumption

Virtualization simply means less servers, resulting in lower power consumption at data centers. Data centers can then exponentially reduce their power consumption, resulting in greener data centers

Server consolidation is another option for greener data centers

Server consolidation is obviously a great option for greener data centers. By using server consolidation, one need not invest in the technical expertise of implementing virtualization for the entire data center

An ideal option is to start with server consolidation, and then slowly move to virtualization, ensuring that the power consumption is minimized even when the virtualization project is underway

Inventory of your servers at your data center with their power consumption may lead you to some interesting insights for creating a green data center

You may be surprised, or rather will be surprised by the good old 80/20 rule in your data center- just replacing one bad server that consumes too much power or using server consolidation with one of your larger servers may save you thousands of dollars worth of electricity bills

Just remember, a data center not only looks good on your boss' s next appraisal,but is also good for the environment and also your company's bottomline


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