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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Google publishes hard drive expose!

Hard drive expose by Google-A hard drive white paper study from Google

Google has published a document on hard drive failure rates based on the study of hard drives at Google's data centers

Google's hard drive study makes for very interesting reading-and cannot be taken lightly since the sample size of Google's data centers is very huge

Google's hard drive collapse surprise finding 1:Hard drive failure not correlated highly with temperature

Google's hard drive failure study finds that there is no one on one correlation of temperatures with hard drive failure

Per Google's hard drive research,new hard drives prefer higher temperatures and older hard drives prefer lower temperatures and are susceptible to reverse temperatures

Google's hard drive research is in short suggesting that we shouldn't assume that all drives are equally susceptible to manufacturers

Google uses cheap and a variety hard drives from various manufacturers

Google operates one of the largest data centers in the world, and amazingly uses cheap hard drives with a combination of serial and parallel hard disk drives, with speeds from 5400 to 7200 rpm.

Incredible, that Google's large data centers uses hard drives that may be obsolete elsewhere

Google's hard drive research suggests that SMART hard drive parameters are not the only symptoms that aid in preventing hard drive failures

Firstly,Google extensive use of SMART hard drives (self-monitoring drives) is interesting

Further,Google's conclusion about SMART hard drives is a signal to SMART drive manufacturers that the data monitored is not good enough

Google's hard drive research summary

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