/* A business continuity,disaster recovery,disk storage,disk recovery consultant!So boring?: February 2008*/ A business continuity,disaster recovery,disk storage,disk recovery consultant!So boring?: February 2008

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Amazon Web Services' Elastic Compute Cloud,ideal for startup technology companies

Amazon Web Services has introduced the "Elastic Compute Cloud" for easy access to bandwidth and data storage

The " Elastic Compute Cloud " is a new innovation from Amazon Web Services that includes inexpensive storage and bandwidth that can be used for small startups.

The best part of "Amazon Web Services is that it is pay per use- you only pay when you use the server space or bandwidth. As a startup technology company, this is fantastic as the startup companies do not have to pay for expensive fixed cost servers

The Elastic Compute Cloud offered by Amazon has competitors but is definitely provided the best value price proposition especially for storage services

For example, the Simple Storage Services as part of Amazon Web Services cost just 15 cents for a Gigabyte of data for data storage services. The data storage services offered by Amazon are inexpensively priced compared to Akamai,Terremerk,IBM and Sun Microsystems and will probably be adopted even by major corporations,apart from technology startups

A cool innovation from Amazon, the Elastic Compute Cloud or EC2 will revolutionize the data storage industry and wipe out a lot of small data storage companies

Amazon's Elastic Storage Cloud or EC2

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Kansas Disaster recovery

Kansas disaster recovery-President Bush announces a disaster recovery package

In the aftermath of the Kansas disaster, Bush has announced a disaster recovery package for Kansas

Interestingly, this Kansas disaster has prompted an early response from President Bush- the earlier poor response to the Katrina disaster in Florida has obviously alerted President Bush in this election year,where a poor Government response could have meant bad publicity for the Republican party

Anyways, irrespective of the reasons, a great response from President Bush to the Kansas disaster

Interestingly, the Kansas disaster recovery package also includes over 75% support from the Government for future disaster recovery mitigation plans for Kansas city