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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

VMware workstations or Microsoft Windows Virtual PC

Do you choose Vmware workstations or Windows Virtual PCs?
I have always been sceptical of data storage virtualization, considering the amount of marketing hype surrounding virtualization in the market.

However, the latest VMware and Windows Virtual PC announcements have made me revise my earlier sceptical outlook.

Microsoft is offering Virtual PC for workstations free and also promising better support for Linux.

Vmware is coming out with a new workstation version that should remove the kinks out of the earlier version.

All in all, both Vmware and Windows Virtual PC are great options- I choose Virtual PC if the emulation is needed on more Windows environments and Vmware workstation if there are more Linux environments.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The new Myspace adware virus- You could be infected!

Reports suggest that more than a million PCs are infected by the new Myspace adware virus- a banner advertisement that promoted a portal (name hidden for obvious reasons- we dont want to promote the creators of the adware)

The banner advertisement appeared on the 'Profiles' page of Myspace.com. The perpetrators of the adware are not known- but reports suggest they have made a lot of money since adware perpetrators usually get paid depending on the number of PCs they infect.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Invisible rootkits- You had better watch out!

Invisible rootkits are assaulting computers all over the world. Earlier rootkits could be easily detected and removed by rootkit scanners like the 'BlackLight rootkit scanner'.

However, newer almost undetectable rootkit scanners are now entering the market- the rootkit hide unside kernel and other system files so that they are undetectable by any rootkit detection software.